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We're often asked what equipment and products we like to use and would recommend, so we're pleased to be able to open our brand new shop which cleverly diverts you to Amazon.

If there's something you'd recommend and would like to see here, please let us know. 

Enjoy your shopping!


Please click on the button below for a full range of cleaning products to suit your needs.

From cloths to toilet cleaners, radiator brushes to baking soda....and more, it's all in the click of a button.

Dustpan and brush, rubber gloves, spray bottle, tea towel
Karcher window cleaner in yellow

Karcher window cleaner

This window cleaning kit is the best way to clean your windows and mirrors fast.  An impressive streak free finish in minutes and no dirty dripping water!  


Cleans windows in half the time


Scrub daddy sponge

If you find yourself with an appliance or furniture that needs a little love, the soft side of the Scrub Daddy will be your best friend. This side is gentle enough to clean windows, mirrors, tile and more without scratching them. But don't use it on your body! This side should be used only for cleaning non-porous surfaces (think sinks and baths).

If you're in need of a little deep cleaning around the house—and especially if you've noticed some mildew growing in your shower grout—the soft side can make all the difference. Just apply a small amount of washing up liquid onto it and scrub away!

And since we're talking about scrubbing things clean, did we mention how great this sponge is at getting dirt off tyres? No matter what kind of car or vehicle you drive, there's probably some mud stuck on there somewhere waiting for an easy cleanup by way of Scrub Daddy Magic™ Sponge Technology™.


disposable gloves

The best gloves to clean your home are disposable gloves that are only used once.  It helps to stop the transmission of some infections and protects hands.


Everyone who has carpets needs to have them cleaned once in a while.  If you have children or pets, sofa and carpet cleaning solutions are essential for a healthy, clean home.

We can now offer a huge selection of carpet cleaners on sale.  Just click on the button below.

Vax Carpet Cleaner_edited.png
Henry Hoover in Red


Meet Henry Quick!  Up to 60 minutes run time, dust free emptying, Powerful cleaning, Lightweight.  Easily tackles stubborn dust, dirt and pet hair on carpets, hard floors, stairs and furniture.
Simple to 
swap, charge and replace Henry's detachable lithium-ion battery.  No filters to clean.


You can't go wrong with a Henry Hoover or any of the range.  They are hard wearing and have an excellent reputation.  Also very good value for money. 

Just look at the reviews


This vacuum cleaner is a great all rounder and one of our favourites.  You only have to look at the reviews they get to understand why.

If you have pets its one of the best.

Just click on the link below to take a look.



Very versatile and can under any piece of furniture and hard to reach areas.  The mop head is machine washable. Removes over 99% of Bacteria with just water.  No need for harsh chemicals


Tackle pet hair like a pro with Swiffer's easy-to-use 360° moving head, which allows you to clean in even the hard to reach places. With the Starter Kit, you will have everything you need to keep pet fur and other messes at bay.
Puppy Play
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