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cleaning with SHAVING FOAM

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

You will not believe the amazing difference a can of shaving foam in your home will make. I wonder who discovered these tricks.

  1. Cleaning discoloured pans - If you want your pans to look new, all you need is shaving foam and a cloth.

  2. Stubborn stains on your Hands - Just use shaving foam and rub it in and rinse off

  3. Mirrors - Streak free cleaning with just shaving foam and a cloth

  4. Stainless Steel Sinks - Brings up like new

  5. Stainless Steel Oven Doors - foam works wonders and cleans them up beautifully

  6. Cleaning Jewellery - Just leave to soak in the foam and then remove with a dry cloth and look at the difference

  7. Squeaky Hinges - Just add shaving foam and squeak disappears

  8. Carpets - Apply shaving foam directly on the stain, rub in gently, leave overnight and rub in with a scrubbing brush. Vacuum any excess away.

  9. Hairbrush cleaner - Remove the hair using a comb, then squirt some shaving foam on to the whole brush down to the column, work in as best you can, and rinse.

  10. Spectacle Lens Cleaner - Stops your glasses steaming up. This is genius if you have to wear a face mask, just clean your glasses using shaving foam on an eye glass cleaning cloth. Magic.

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